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shirts from my weekend tour now available online. probably the only time this design will be printed. please get them out of my bedroom.

john had shirts leftover from his weekend with dave bello. you can now purchase them at the above link.

John Galm



here’s a new recording of an old song, which will be on the thing I’m putting out.  I still need a cover, though.

john’s putting out a solo record and here’s a demo from it

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Yo, Reject got interviewed for some reason. Read it, and then post on his Facebook wall that you don’t appreciate him expressing his political views, and it should just like be all about the music, man.


Ayyyyyeee a new cover is up on our bandcamp!

This week its “Important Things (Spectre Magic)” by Snowing

if you have homies that like snowing and pizza plz reblog and share wiff them ily all :^)

nice job, fellas

John Galm



this song has frustrated me and annoyed me and haunted me for years, so here is a poorly done demo of it, in hopes to exorcise it from my life.  may it rest in peace.

listen to it

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Quitting, by Cassilis

Listen to this, love it, then buy it, then take a shower, because it’s so heinously filthy. JR (our first drummer/best dude) has been doing this band for awhile, and they’re probably the most underrated band of the Snowing expanded universe of musical groups.

ISO: drummers/bassists/musicians in the Portland area to jam with/help me flesh out and record the “john galm band” record. Interested parties should be in their twenties, into messy recordings, early microphones records, early low records, simple songs, noise, and playing quietly. If interested, contact me at Thx.

- jg

Square of Opposition

Hi Tumblr. Been awhile. It’s Black Friday. Go buy a thing from Chris Reject without leaving your dang house.

Square of Opposition

Hey y’all.  You should really support Chris Reject and his record label.  He’s somehow been putting out records since I’ve been going to shows, and is only like…4 years older than me.  Imagine a 19-year old Chris Reject peddling CD’s to you.  It’s identical to 30 year-old Chris Reject peddling 7”s to you.  He just re-opened his webstore and added a ton of stuff, so go check it out after you like his Facebook page, because he loves pouring over reports and graphs of Facebook likes broken down by geographical region, and other evil CEO shenanigans such as that.  Also, anyone who reblogs this just says something like “WHEN ARE YOU GETTING BACK TOGETHER” gets infinity noogies.  Don’t fuck with me.


MOST is a band comprised of John Galm (ex. Snowing), Chris Diehm (ex. 1994!), Matt Glassmyer (ex. Boyfriends), and Dom Billett (Toy Soldiers).  They will be playing their only show of 2012/possibly their only show ever on Wednesday, October 24th at the Chameleon Club in scenic Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Details can be found at the link below.